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PurPL is the cross-departmental umbrella group for programming languages research at Purdue University. PurPL research groups push the boundaries of every area in programming languages, software engineering, formal methods, and systems: PL theory, design, and implementation, language-based security, compiler optimizations, verification, program synthesis, and more. But we do more than fundamental research: we bring PL ideas to bear on a wide range of areas, including big data, security, education, and computational science.


  • Zach Tatlock, professor at University of Washington and Purdue alumni, will be giving a PurPL seminar on April 12th!

  • Ben’s paper with collaborators at MIT and CMU on proof assistants as the ultimate DSL implementation engine accepted to SNAPL 2017.

  • Tiark receives a Google Faculty Research Award.

  • Kirshanthan, Laith, and Milind’s paper on Locality Transformations for Nested Recursive Iteration Spaces has been accepted to ASPLOS 2017.

  • Tiark’s papers on Type Soundness Proofs with Definitional Interpreters and LMS-Verify are both accepted to POPL 2017.

  • Mahsa Najafzadeh will give a seminar about her work on the analysis and co-design of weakly-consistent applications next Tuesday, September 20th, at 2PM in HAAS 101.

  • Jad Hbeika previews his upcoming LCPC paper on Locality-aware Task-parallel Execution at this week’s PurPL Lunch.

  • Leo Osvald presents his work on Affordable 2nd Class Values at this week’s PurPL Lunch.

  • The inaugural PurPL Lunch will be next Thursday, August 25th, from noon to 1PM in Lawson 3102AB. RSVP here.

  • PurPL welcomes three new faculty this Fall 2016: Ben Delaware, Roopsha Samanta and Xiaokang Qiu.

  • Roopsha Samanta is offering a new graduate seminar on Computer-Aided Program Reasoning.