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Suyash TBA TBA
Zach Tatlock TBA LWSN 3102
Fei Dependent Types for Scala LWSN 3102
James and Greg TBA LWSN 3102
Krish Locality Transformations for Nested Recursive Iteration Spaces MSEE 239
Leo Osvald TBA LWSN 3102A/B
Nathan H Burow Context Flow Integrity LWSN 3102A/B
Kia Rahmani Synthesis of Runtime Systems for Weak Consistency Enforcement LWSN 3102A/B
Scott Carr Optimizations in the Rust Compiler EE 317
Tiark, Ben, Roopsha POPL 2017 LWSN 3102A/B
Ben Spring Semester Kickoff HAAS 111