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PurPL is the cross-departmental umbrella group for programming languages research at Purdue University. PurPL research groups push the boundaries of every area in programming languages, software engineering, formal methods, and systems: PL theory, design, and implementation, language-based security, compiler optimizations, verification, program synthesis, and more. But we do more than fundamental research: we bring PL ideas to bear on a wide range of areas, including big data, security, education, and computational science.

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  • Congrats to Guannan, Danning, Yongwei and their co-authors on their upcoming PLDI paper on making smart contracts safer by integrating behavioral contracts into Solidity!

  • Congrats to Zhe and Qianchuan on their upcoming PLDI paper on HATS– a new technique for automatically reasoning about clients of effectful data structure libraries using a combination automata and refinement types.

  • Congrats to Julia (Belyakova) on her upcoming PLDI paper on subtyping in Julia (the language)!

  • Durga, Vani, and Artem’s paper on implementing k-nearest neighbor search using ray tracing will appear at ICS’24! Congrats to all the authors!

  • Ashish has joined the faculty at IIT Hyderabad. Congratulations Ashish!

  • Qianchuan’s work on deriving performant privacy-preserving MPC programs will appear at OOPSLA’24. Congratulations Qianchuan!

  • Mingwei’s paper on analysis of protocol parsers has been accepted to OOPSLA’24! Congrats to all the authors!

  • Yuantian will present his work on synthesizing bit-vector programs at POPL. Congrats Yuantian!